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Hi friend! I’m Melissa, a photographer based in San Diego, California. I’m married, have 3 kids and a Pomsky (half Husky, half Pomeranian – they do exist!) named Arie.  I love Thai food (even though spicy food leads to heartburn and acid reflux for me), COFFEE and love watching crime shows (I swear in another life I was a detective). I’m super nerdy (yes that means I’m a Star Wars fangirl), have an addiction to lipsticks and shoes.

Botanica_AboutPullQuoteBefore I picked up my first camera in 2009, I was doing makeup for brides for about 2 years. So ladies, if your fake lashes come off, I know how to patch it up for you! In 2010, I began my business as a full-time photographer and love every minute of it.

I love what I do because it excites me to be a part of something authentic and organic. I am a visual storyteller; I believe in connection, raw emotion and experiencing life as it happens. I’m inspired by people and how they feel, love, laugh and cry. It is what makes what I do organic and real.

I want to get to know you. I’m intrigued by the stories I know about and the authenticity behind it. Every photograph I capture is personally post-processed by me because I believe this is truly a work of heart. It’s something I take so much pride in and to ensure that from start to finish, I have a beautiful product to deliver to my clients.

Tell me about your story and let’s make magic happen.